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Li-Fi wireless data transmission technology


Li-fi - introduction:

Li-fi is the "Light Fidelity" referred to, this is the famous British physicist Harald Haas developed a number of new wireless transmission module technology, can use the common bulb, complete the whole process. In the open room lamp at the same time, the user also opened an Internet connection. This is called the Li-fi device can be used for the wireless data transmission from the television band "white space" or unused satellite signal. This invention is called "D-Light", data transmission through the changing room illumination light frequencies, per second transmission of data over 10Mb, comparable with typical broadband connection. It can be used in hospitals, airports, military and even under the water.

Li-fi inventor:

Li-fi was invented by Harald Haas, Professor of English at University of Edinburgh College of engineering, the famous physicist.

Research and development of Li-fi:

Radio data transmission efficiency is not high, with the help of a mobile phone, there are now 1400000 base station is responsible for the enhanced signal, but most of the energy is used in the cooling efficiency of only 5%. In contrast, the whole world use bulbs are 40000000000, so it has higher efficiency. As long as the traditional incandescent lamp replaced with LED lights, can let the light bulb into Internet transmitters.

The wireless data transmission mode of the electromagnetic wave to take is inefficient, especially radio waves. Radio has many limitations, they are very rare and expensive and only definite band. These limitations make it unable to keep up with the pace of wireless data, so that the efficiency to be impossible. Light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which will be used in wireless communications should be a great practice.

The visible spectrum space is 10000 times of radio waves, and make it become the most ideal band can be used. In a speech, Haas showed a using LED lamp table lamp, can transmit data receiver like under the table. As long as the hand into the beam, the video signal will be transmitted to the screen behind, once separated signal, will stop playing.

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