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Intelligent Home Furnishing RF technology characteristics of analysis and its application


A lot of people are very envious of intelligent Home Furnishing live, but to live because of the old house, a lot of wiring is not considered, so do not know how to achieve this intelligent life. In fact, we're talking about another intelligent Home Furnishing technology -- family radio frequency technology today, is designed for the completion of the renovation should have but not pre wiring houses ready.

The wireless radio frequency technology

The wireless radio frequency technology is a kind of close, low complexity, low power consumption, low data rate, low cost wireless communication technology. The advantage of this technology is part of the product without re wiring, wireless RF module system using point to point, to realize the control of household appliances and lighting, installation is more convenient, is mainly used to achieve control of certain appliances or light, moderate cost. This kind of system function is relatively weak, the control is relatively simple, and easy to be around wireless equipment environment especially the same frequency and obstruction interference and shielding; suitable for the new decoration households and households have decoration.

This is the difference between the wired network mentioned in our family network and wireless network. Wireless network technology in the case of no wiring can also build a family lan. The wireless radio frequency technology is through the radio frequency of high frequency (315 or 433.92MHz) point-to-point transmission, to achieve the function of remote control lighting, curtains, home appliances etc.. This kind of technology is very suitable for has been decorated by the user, without pre wiring, destroy the original home beauty not.

The use of wireless radio frequency technology based products, can be all electrical appliance in the home series into a network, here we call it intelligent Home Furnishing wireless network, in this network, we can control, let every cold appliances are confined to our.

How to let the appliance listen to us?

Many electrical devices in the home, lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, home theater...... Some belong to itself with remote control capability, such as air conditioning, television...... Some do not have the function of remote control, for example, water heater, microwave oven, electric rice cooker, refrigerator...... While the remote control device and different with different remote control, mutual not universal, so home light remote controller has four or five. So how to remote control does not have the function of remote control device? And how to realize a plurality of remote control function so that a remote control? From the introduction of the above we know that the wireless radio frequency technology based products can help us to solve the problem, but they are going to achieve?

Smart home wireless network includes a home gateway and a plurality of wireless communication node. A wireless transmitter module in the home gateway, each child nodes are connected to a wireless network receiver module, wireless transceiver module through the network, data is transmitted between the gateway and the child nodes.

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