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  • JZX873 low power wireless data transmission module
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JZX873 low power wireless data transmission module

Transmission distance: 2000m
Power: 433MHZ
Volume: 58mm * 38mm * 10mm (not including antenna)
Product features:
Using CC1020 chip, bare board has the advantages of small volume, convenient use of embedded.
Narrowband anti-jamming, belt filter circuit, high receiving sensitivity, large transmission power, stable and reliable, long distance.

Product application:
Data control and data transmission electrical water table three, smart card, access control attendance, PTZ control, building control, freight yard, logistics, intelligent instrument, intelligent teaching equipment, measuring equipment, automatic control, Home Furnishing intelligent field etc..

The technical indexes of the product:

It uses GFSK modulation, reliable transmission line of sight distance up to 2000m;
The carrier frequency of 433 MHz, can also be customized 868M/915M and other carrier;
It provides 16 channels;
The interface / channel rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps;
The interface mode: TTL, RS-232, RS-485 selected by the user;
The transceiver, half duplex communication, data transceiver switching automatically, as long as the interface to the sending / receiving data can be, the switching time is short;
It can be used for point to point, point to multi point, point to multipoint communication combination etc.;
The transparent data transmission, data frame transmission longer;
False data filtering out the air auto generated, long-term use of good reliability, low failure rate;
The power: power 500MW, receives the current <45mA, the emission current of <360mA, current <0.1mA sleep;
The three power saving mode: Hardware wakeup, serial arousal, air wake;
The IO scheduling function: 2 input 2 output switch interface, switch interface;
The power supply: DC +4.5V~+5.5V;
The temperature: -25 degrees ~+75 degrees;
The volume: 58mm * 38mm * 10 mm (not including the antenna base); weight: 17 grams;
The exchange type: JZ87 series products;
The standard antenna: SMA thick whip or small chuck antenna.

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