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Discussion on how to avoid the wireless monitoring two major interference source


Now speaking of wireless monitoring, may let you most likely to another word thought is: interference. True wireless monitoring has brought us convenience has become increasingly apparent, but also deepen to the interference of fear, so, "wireless monitoring" and "interference" so innocent tied together.

Whenever there is not clear problem our monitoring signal, we may consider to whether the interference problem. Well, in our present the "wireless" era, in order to completely get rid of the interference is really not an easy thing, outside interference are more or less influence the effect of our wireless transmission. So how can we avoid interference?

The interference of similar equipment

To avoid similar surrounding wireless module device, or with the effect of signal interference device. The interference signal source signal may be normal signal source we within the system, may be due to the same frequency or similar, leading to the receiving end receives no signal or receives the same signal, the receiving terminal illegible. In this case, we can adjust the frequency of wireless devices, select a clean channel, or change the wireless device transmitter or receiver position, pull the distance between devices.

Construction interference

The building has a debilitating effect not small for the transmission of the wireless signal. When the wireless signal through any object, power frequency signal it will have certain refractive index, so that the transmission direction of change, and will cause the signal reflection and attenuation. If you encounter the metal objects in the dissemination of words, will also increase the signal attenuation. Therefore, in the choice of wireless equipment installation position, as far as possible to the middle without shelter, the transmitting end to the receiving end intermediate visual, thus avoiding the microwave signal attenuation, the monitoring center can receive the wireless signal strength, thereby improving the monitoring effect.

Not what devices have the interference of wireless, mobile, Unicom as signal tower, walkie talkie, radio telephones etc., these on wireless microwave equipment is not affected. In the case of interference source, we can adjust the equipment frequency, or choose to far away from the interference source location to install, so that greatly reduces the interference of wireless microwave equipment.

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