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Analysis of low power consumption on wireless module


Now many intelligent devices are larger than low power capacity, however, need operation treatment in intelligent devices in the process is more. The most typical is the only mobile phone, compared with the old mobile phone, intelligent machine is undoubtedly a good point of relatively large. The old mobile phone just to phone calls and send text messages, which for the battery power requirements are not very high, but the intelligent mobile phone now can be comparable with the computer, the wireless module built-in, can be said to be every hour and moment are at work, so the power demand higher.

A lot of so-called low power wireless module ad hoc scheme entails a part of equipment to reduce the power consumption of dormancy in another part of the purpose of equipment, such as ZigBee. ZigBee routers in the network is not dormant, only the terminal equipment to sleep. The idea is simple, the equipment will automatically wake up dormant and non dormant equipment asked whether the cache their own data, if there is no data transmission, and then sleep. However no dormancy of equipment installation and electric is the biggest problem in practical installation, leading to the installation of maintenance costs increase; and the dormancy device needs to need more resource caching large amounts of data, the cost of equipment is high.

Now the terminal equipment of wireless module is now an indispensable equipment, in the application of smart phone also has been able to meet our daily use. The only enough for our needs is the life, and now the mobile phone network problems. But for the use of general still can be met.

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