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"Dual radio" off the market of wireless radio frequency technology more advantages


In recent years, the overseas well-known digital board brand Wacom launched its first Bluetooth wireless drawing board product -- Intuos4 Wireless, become the Hanwang after another lock "double wireless" drawing board products manufacturers. In early 2009, Hanwang launched its "dual radio" products -- creative master +0604 drawing board, the products have many professionals in the favor of the market, especially in some professional institutions is regarded as the essential teaching equipment.

"Double wireless" will the computer, drawing board, pressure pen thoroughly before liberation, lifted the drawing board and the computer must be connected through a Usb line of the "magic spell", so that users can hand drawing board in the induction range free paint, make ideas more freely.

"Double wireless" drawing board free creative space

Experts said, the recent Wacom also concentrated layout "dual radio" market, a move that will detonate drawing board market in the new round of competition.

To solve the "dual wireless technology riddle"

As early as in the "dual radio" before, painting plate technology has gone through three key stages, namely: wired active, active and passive wireless wireless. Thus, the launch of creative master +0604 drawing board product in HW ago, manufacturers will be more focus on technology improvement and pressure pen on the drawing board, to achieve the use of electromagnetic induction as a driving force to replace the battery in order to make more close to the real goal of brush strokes, more "cut off" natural "umbilical cord" between painting boards and painting pen connecting line, allow users to enjoy the freedom of the basic "".

Art is not constrained, even a little bit of imprisonment should also be broken.

Drawing board leading brand HW is to see this opportunity, the earliest investment research to the "field of dual wireless technology". The drawing board core technology team spent a year painstaking research, finally broke through the barriers to technology of wireless radio frequency module technology in the field of application of drawing board, and through the revised agreement under the premise of ensuring the wireless transmission can proceed smoothly, the surplus value gives the user a low voltage, low power consumption and long distance transmission "".

The wireless intous 4 in primary intous 4 added Bluetooth 2.1+EDR wireless function to realize the wireless transmission of drawing board and computer rooms, and hoping to break by Hanwang "unified" "double wireless" drawing board product market.

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