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How to improve the transmission quality of wireless signal receiving interference?


Wireless signal transmission is mainly affected by the following factors:

1, the family space are relatively crowded space not open enough, one room walls are the main obstacles. Because of the wireless local area network using the wireless microwave band. The biggest characteristic of microwave is almost linear propagation, diffraction ability is very weak, so the wireless receiving device in behind barriers can be received signal is very weak, or did not receive the signal;

Obstacle 2, physics, not only stop the microwave radio signals, it can put the electromagnetic energy to absorb, generating a weak current leakage loss, therefore, the obstacle free wireless signal maximum metal objects in a home environment is within the slab reinforcement network, signal the direction almost no penetration may. To penetrate, the signal is very weak;

3, the IEEE 802.11b/g standards working frequency is 2.4GHz, and the industry many device also happens to work in the bands such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, cordless telephone, refrigerator etc.. If there exist a strong magnetic field nearby, then the wireless network will be affected;

4, if in the wireless environment exist multiple wireless data transmission module equipment may also exist in channel conflict, the wireless signal crosstalk;

5, distance wireless equipment and cable line within 100 meters of the radio tower, electric welder, tram or high-voltage power transformers and other strong signal interference source, may also cause strong interference to the wireless signal or equipment;

6, the signal is really outside the room effect of sowing the weather on the wireless signal is also great, if when the thunderstorm days or more gloomy weather signal attenuation is more powerful, and sunny day signal energy transmission distance will be longer;

How to improve the quality of signal transmission:

1, for the wireless AP to choose the best place. This placement requirements are as follows: A, the location should be higher, so that the radiation in the high direction, to reduce the obstacles of the block, to minimize signal blind area; B, position choice is to minimize the signal through the wall, it is best to wireless clients in the room can visible and wireless AP between;

2, modify the channel, reduce the wireless crosstalk. Note: as far as possible to ensure that the wireless signal from the others more than 5 channels also want to set themselves a wireless signal transmitting channel;

3, reduce the household electrical appliance interference signal, ensure unimpeded. Placed as far as possible when away from the equipment of wireless AP;

4, if the wireless AP antenna can be disassembled, can be replaced by the antenna to enhance the signal to the wireless.

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