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RFID will become the new hot industry of domestic electronic industry


RFID after several years of development, because of using the advanced advantage, technical features of reliable, has more and more into the most international company vision. However, in China, just only thunder, no rain Epiphyllum now? The author found that, the recent RFID market quietly lively up. Overall, I believe RFID will soon become a new popular industry of domestic industrial sector and other electronic industry.


The computing technology industry association based on industry organization (CompTIA) estimates, the second half of 2008 RFID technology will give dealers a vast profit prospects. CompTIA made a worldwide survey of 155 agents, the results showed, 46% of customers using RFID technique, a growth of 1/3 over last year. CompTIA vice president Matthew Poyiadgi said the EMEA region, RFID technology is not yet mature. If the dealer can follow the trend, there will be future earnings.

Mike Pullon, managing director of the distributor of Varlink, he said, before we view RFID as a low level of chance, but it happened explosive growth, we are looking for some large projects. Anton Du Preez, business development manager, voice guide supplier vocollect RFID some speculation, he said, and now people are more and more practical use, deployment.

Industry chain

Industry: focus on the upstream of TFT-LCD testing and measurement system equipment Jingcai technology said recently, the company has built RFID /Inlay/ tag antenna production lines, manufacturing will be officially put into RFID tags, manufacturing services provide annual production capacity of 600000000 OEM/ODM tag. To create conditions for the commercial price RFID. 5 cents, proposed by Wal-Mart is a dream. More and more radio frequency module manufacturers will join this emerging industry, I believe that shortly after, the price is no longer hinder the popularization of RFID barrier. SPRAYLAT, antenna materials - conductive silver paste company production using RFID tags. Its products are very competitive in the global market, with annual sales of over 100 million dollars, currently in China in Shanghai set up a factory in Jiading.

Downstream industries: asset tracking is one of the most popular technology, and has been adopted by 32% dealers. Now RFID technology is widely used in the field of gas bottle: Trailer tracking, supervision, supermarkets, medical pharmaceutical equipment, agriculture, aviation information and so on various, involving various industries. The potential market of large area RFID technology is the main reason of the present explosive growth.

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