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  • JZX896A micro power ad hoc network node module
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JZX896A micro power ad hoc network node module

Transmission distance: 1000M
Power: DC5V/200MW
Volume: 44mm * 27mm * 8mm (including the antenna base)
JZ896A micro power ad hoc network node of wireless data transmission module
It uses GFSK modulation, reliable transmission line of sight distance up to 1000m;
The carrier frequency 490MHz, measuring frequency;
It provides 8 channels;
The interface / channel rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps;
The interface mode: TTL, RS-232, RS-485 selected by the user;
The transceiver, half duplex transceiver, data conversion automatically, as long as the interface to the sending / receiving data can be;
The combination of self communication networking method;
False data filtering out the air auto generated, long-term use of good reliability, low failure rate;
The low power consumption and sleep function: power 200MW receives the current <45mA, the emission current of <200mA, current <10uA sleep;
The power supply: TTL/ RS232/RS485:DC +4.5V~+5.5V;
The temperature: -25 degrees ~+75 degrees;
The volume: 44mm * 27mm * 8mm (including the antenna base); weight: 17 grams;
The interworking model: JZ896B.

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