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  • JZX901 GPRS DTU Modular
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JZX901 GPRS DTU Modular

Standby power:: <50mA@5V
Communication: <200mA@5V
Volume: 58mm * 38mm * 10mm (not including antenna)

Product features:
- the independent research and development of embedded real-time operating system, with 32 ARMV7- MCU.
- working frequency by 850/900/1800/1900MHz, four frequency can be applied to all countries in the world (including North and South America).
- PPP, TCP, UDP, embedded ICMP protocol stack, transparent data transmission, data terminal always online.
- embedded watchdog, wide power supply management, not crash, dropping the automatic recovery, a variety of alternative work modes, flexible and convenient.
- the anti-jamming design, even in the hardware to be deadlock, still can be automatically to return to a normal state function reliable common watchdog unable to service processor and communication module case.
- industry standard TTL interface.
Instructions - equipment operation, network connection display.
- provides the user settings, open interface software.
Industrial aluminum alloy shell, anti-jamming, sturdy and durable, convenient installation, industrial temperature range: working temperature: -40 degrees -80 degrees, -40 degrees in communication is not affected.
- baud rate can be set.
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