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  • JZX876B RF module

JZX876B RF module

Transmission distance: 800m
Power: 500MW
Volume: 33mm*36.5mm*10mm (not including antenna)
Product features:
Using CC1020 chip, bare board has the advantages of small volume, convenient embedding, RF index is stable, high receiving sensitivity.
The user can according to their own requirements to write communication program, low cost.

Product application:
Data control and data transmission Home Furnishing intelligence, wireless ordering system, electric water meter, measuring equipment, automatic control, and other fields.

The technical indexes of the product:
It uses OOK/FSK/GFSK modulation, reliable transmission line of sight distance up to 800m;
The carrier frequency 402-470MHz;
The interface mode: SPI;
The interface / channel rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps;
The transceiver, half duplex transceiver, data conversion automatically, the switching time is short;
The long-term use of good reliability, low failure rate;
The low power consumption and sleep function: power 500MW, high receiving sensitivity of -123dbm;
The power supply: DC +3.3V~+5.5 V;
The temperature: -25 degrees ~+75 degrees;
The volume: 33mm*36.5mm*10mm (not including antenna); weight: 6 grams.
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